#WOMANDLA: Learn Me Hard, Learn Me Right

This was my *actual first attempt at blogging.

The Black Girl Journal

I had a conversation with a colleague about preference regarding romantic partners during the earlier days of 2014. It all started after we spotted a beautiful tall woman on campus and my 1.56m self was green with envy. I went on to say how I would walk around with my nose in the air if I were that tall, and how I would wear shorts to showcase my legs that would go on forever. Then my colleague asked: “But who is going to date you when you are that tall?”

Naturally, I was confused. I do not understand that people that interact with me on a daily basis still do not understand that what I want to look like is never considered to make men on the streets feel romantically comfortable with me. I gave my colleague the chance to explain where he was coming from, and then I was…

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