#WOMANDLA: Not Waiting For You

The Black Girl Journal

A friend of mine, Brian, was telling me about his latest conquest recently. He described the lady in question as an investment. “Investment? Care to explain to me?” So he did. He told me he was done dating ‘just for the fun of it’, that he was looking for a woman who will be a mother for his kids, a daughter to his parents and a best friend. In his own (uncharacteristically sentimental) words:

“Like, if moms or pops were to have a conversation with her, she would respond like my sister would. You know… polite and shit. Umuntu ozothile.”

This is a gross generalisation but a fair amount guys Brian’s age have a grasp of romance that begins and ends with chasing after anything with a pulse. So… investment, huh? You see something with potential, get a piece of it and wait for it to live up to its…

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