The WISe Project: Nthabiseng Nooe

I was interviewed in a thing. It’s cool.

Nthabiseng Nooe is a hydrogeologist working mostly in groundwater monitoring, information services pertaining to groundwater, and contributing to regulations that protect groundwater resources for sustainable and equitable access. She is from Thabong in Welkom in the Free State and she work in the Western Cape region.

She is driven by fairness, equity, and equality. She daydreams about a world that is a Utopia for presently marginalised people. She is absolutely great at lying down in her spare time and fantasising about being a better dancer than she is currently.  

p.s. Her dreams are valid.

Phro: At what point in your life did you become interested in pursuing a career in Science? Were you exposed to Science (outside of school curriculum) in any form growing up? 

Nthabiseng: I can’t remember the exact point, but I had always been a curious child – so direct exposure to science at school was…

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