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My 32 Months With Implanon

I tried Implanon, but actually I am the one that was severely tried by Implanon.


#FillUpThisPussy (a poem)

So, #FillUpThisPussy started exactly a week ago. We sought to speak of the politics in sex – those of consent, slut shaming, and the pleasure of women specifically. Many people have added their voice to the “movement”, and a friend wrote a poem. I have welcomed contributions in any form, because people generally contribute differently. So here is the poem by Lungile Nyakama, I hope you like it.

Please me like I deserve. I demand it, boy you better bring delight to my soul.

Appease my restlessness, my hunger, my longing to be filled…

This ain’t the 1970s, but my sentiments Ms. Erica Jong.

“A hump in the gut, a hump in the cunt, fuck me through every hole”


Tell me boy, is you terrified or thrilled by my frankness and wildness?

I have overcome my Fear of Flying!


Liberated from daddy’s dictatorial parenting’, I am self-aware…

I have stood in a foam filled bath tub with my anatomy soaked wet,

Facing the faithful depiction on the wall that so gladly faces back to me,


Reflections of self-ignorance, self-discovery, Hello Aware Self…


I touch myself, I touched myself, I felt myself, I enjoyed myself…

I caressed my bare moist breasts, until my nipples peaked my femininity

And molten lava made its way through my walls, dripping’ and sliding

Excitedly across my goose-bump filled thighs… Hello my Sexuality, I love you


I touch myself numerous times so much so, I can blindly…

Pinpoint you where exactly my pearl along with my A, G & U alphabets are positioned…


So much self-pleasing practice, my self-acceptance bold enough to chastise,

The chastity my father greatly instilled in me… brave oh, pleasure me right boy!


A touch to my alphabet A quivers my whole body, touch to my alphabet G curl me toes…

The feeling beautiful every time, like a flower blossoming. I am a blossomed flower.


Patriarchy stain, try’s to deflower me, because I know and womanly deservingly revel…

In the pleasures of self-pleasing, I shattered slut shaming with my orgasmic screams.


I am woman, explore me, and compliment me through sheer endurance, my whole bodied goodness!

Mind you, I don’t mind turning every one of em ten stone hard dicks linin’ up behind you…

For the delight my soul oh so ever deserving, if you disrespect my liberated sexuality…

With weak rounds, filled of undeserving’ panting’s, I demand this pussy to be filled up!


So… Appreciate me, touch me, feel me, and sweep me off my feet. Literally!

Gentle aside, aggressive madafucka is what my grown woman self needs.

Grab me by the bottom of my butt cheeks, drive me into the wall…


Let my thighs lock around your waist, I hope you’re leg and lower back strong…

Grab both my hands with your one hand, caress my fearfully and wonderfully made body,

With your other hand, bite my shoulder, with moderate pressure…


Pin me up this wall like a priceless family portrait, wet kisses on both sides of my neck

I would linger longer on the right side if I was you, that’s my sweet side.


Detach me off the wall and slowly lay me on the floor…

Dry hump me like an intensely desperate teenager…

Bite my shoulder one after another, stretch my arms out


Run your right hand slowly across the left side of my body,

Reach for my happy place, slide your hand through my soaking wet panties

Open up my pearly gates, slide out your hand, with my pearl exposed

Proceed furiously dry humping me as if we’re both virgins in heat of an orgasm…


Rip my panties off like a horny savage, run your fingers up and down my pussy

I need you to finger fuck me! I want you to stick your finger up me and find my G alphabet

And push on it until I quiver and curl my toes, I demand this pussy to be filled up!


Please me like I deserve, boy you better please me like I deserve…

Religious fanaticism cannot suppress my desires…


Lick me, suck me… down there…

Devour every nectar my inner walls leak, immortalize yourself through my juices,

And like a god, sink your fingers between my inner thighs, and bring tears of joy to my eyes

Cease not until my body autopilot in semi-summersaults and

Convulsive trembles through my spine stimulate screams ripping violently through my esophagus


Stroke me!           Stroke me!             Stroke me!


No huffing and puffing over nothing… these walls need to be brought down

I want that outta body experience, I want to feel, your every inch! Shoot my soul out my body,

Stroke my waters apart like an amateur swimmer trying to prove a point.


Overwhelm me to a point I can’t hold any position you put my body in…

Fill up this pussy, like you securing your dick spot from a ten dick draw

Stroke me!           Stroke me!             Stroke me!

Stroke me into a damn near stroke, shut down my nervous-system, I don’t wanna feel my legs.

My Feminism Looks Like… Nthabiseng Nooe

Tshego put me ON!

Melanin as love

WIN_20150324_2137231. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am a young Black woman trying to navigate life, and all its complexities, while trying to give people access to human dignity by working towards equitable and sustainable access to clean water. I am a Student Governance elder at the University of Pretoria where I just started my MSc in hydrogeology, directly after finishing my honours, which also directly followed my geology undergraduate.

Very few things make me happier than seeing people gather the bravery to unapologetically be themselves. That’s hard work.

2. What do you have to tell men who’d like be feminist “allies”?

From what I know, feminists can be women and men, as long as there is an understanding of structural inequality economically, politically and socially. What is necessary is the recognition that men, even if well versed in the gender issue, never to think their knowledge…

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