Don’t be that dude: Handy tips for the male academic

Tenure, She Wrote

There is a plethora of research on the causes of hostile environments for women in academia, and on why we have an underrepresentation of women in many fields. There are support groups for women, societies entirely devoted to women academics (broadly and field-specific), workshops for women in academia, and countless articles and blogs devoted to the topic.

These initiatives are important, but here’s the thing: gender equality has to be a collaborative venture. If men make up the majority of many departments, editorial boards, search committees, labs and conferences, then men have to be allies in the broader cause of equality, simply because they have more boots on the ground. And, as much as I wish it weren’t so, guys often tend to listen more readily to their fellow guys when it comes to issues like sexism. I’ve also found that there are a lot of guys out there…

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Don’t Say You Don’t See Colour

#IAmDistinct, because you have to acknowledge my difference too, to see my full humanity.

Jag's World

So colourful.

At the time of the uploading of this post, it is/just was Heritage Day in South Africa. According to the official government website, Heritage Day, the 24th of September, is a day that recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of South Africa. South Africans celebrate the day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. That’s as good a reason as any to have a public holiday, right? Yeah, we thought so, too. And it sparked a conversation with my friends that led to the writing of this post, and its title.

Heritage. Get up and dance. Heritage. Get up and dance.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “I don’t see colour” in one form or another. Either by being the non-coloured person who has said it to a friend, or by being the coloured person to whom it was said. My point…

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