#WOMANDLA: Learn Me Hard, Learn Me Right

This was my *actual first attempt at blogging.

The Black Girl Journal

I had a conversation with a colleague about preference regarding romantic partners during the earlier days of 2014. It all started after we spotted a beautiful tall woman on campus and my 1.56m self was green with envy. I went on to say how I would walk around with my nose in the air if I were that tall, and how I would wear shorts to showcase my legs that would go on forever. Then my colleague asked: “But who is going to date you when you are that tall?”

Naturally, I was confused. I do not understand that people that interact with me on a daily basis still do not understand that what I want to look like is never considered to make men on the streets feel romantically comfortable with me. I gave my colleague the chance to explain where he was coming from, and then I was…

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#WOMANDLA: Not Waiting For You

The Black Girl Journal

A friend of mine, Brian, was telling me about his latest conquest recently. He described the lady in question as an investment. “Investment? Care to explain to me?” So he did. He told me he was done dating ‘just for the fun of it’, that he was looking for a woman who will be a mother for his kids, a daughter to his parents and a best friend. In his own (uncharacteristically sentimental) words:

“Like, if moms or pops were to have a conversation with her, she would respond like my sister would. You know… polite and shit. Umuntu ozothile.”

This is a gross generalisation but a fair amount guys Brian’s age have a grasp of romance that begins and ends with chasing after anything with a pulse. So… investment, huh? You see something with potential, get a piece of it and wait for it to live up to its…

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